End Of Content Here – New Beginning Underway!

Hey everyone

I am putting an end to the content I publish here on this blog, in order to free up more time for my YouTube Channel hosting.  Let me tell you about what I have done there:

Tarot And Astrology

On July 29, 2017 I began to publish content to my tarot/astrology channel on a regular basis.  Four months later where do I stand?  Well, I have cleared 12k subscribers and am nearing 700K views.  That’s big considering I started July with almost nothing!


This is my latest project and one I’m very excited about.  FBTV stands for Forever Beautiful TV and I will be hosting a one-woman show here.  Starting in December 2017 the show’s schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday for new content.

I’m including beauty, fashion and fitness, and adding a special twist to this type of programming.  I’m including marriage and family, especially what it’s like to be a parent of a severely autistic son, cooking,  renovating and decorating, and spiritual health.

Yes, my FBTV will indeed cover all things in life that are “forever beautiful”!

And so it’s good-bye.  

Yes, I’m signing off of this blog for good.  I’m no longer pursuing that elusive acting/modeling contract. Instead I’m making my own channel and starring in my own show!  Awesome!

I thank everyone here for the fantastic feedback and support.  As the saying goes, “I couldn’t ‘a done it without ya!”

Have a beautiful Holiday Season and I hope that all of you come to my new FBTV channel!


FBTV on YouTube 

Tarot & Astrology by Nancy  Welker 


That’s me and my awesome husband of (now) 31 years!  Marriage and children will be a big part of my FBTV shows!


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