Why People Are Mean To Trace Adkins

Obviously this is an editorial so keep that in mind.  And I chose to write this letter-style to Trace Adkins.  In case you don’t know it already, Trace Adkins is a country singer with a long history of hits such as “You’re Gonna Miss This” and “Honkytonkbadonkadonk”.  

Dear Trace,

Recently you published a video about “imposters” using your name on social media.  I have no knowledge about that whatsoever and that’s not why I’m writing this.  What I’m addressing is the comment you made at the end of the video about blocking some persons from your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts due to mean comments they made.

Let me go back.

About 3 years ago I saw you perform for the first time at a Christmas Show you were doing at a theatre in Ft Pierce Florida.  Good show.  Right after that, I saw an article online about your divorce from your wife of nearly 20 years, Rhonda.  Curious about that, I not only read the article but clicked on the links to more information it contained.  Later on, I was sorry I did that.

What you project.

You have a very sincere way of singing songs and that is one of the reasons why you have done well.  I believe many of your fans take the lyrics as in fact coming from you and that you mean them.

Looking at your song list, and it’s pretty big, there are quite a few that point to love of your country, and to your love of Rhonda and your daughters.  Starting with “For The Rest Of Mine”, that you sung at your wedding to her, and then on to “All I Ask For Anymore”,  and “Hot Mama” it appeared that you were in love with your wife and held her up as your girl for all the world to see.  That’s sweet  and it does go with that image you project that I mentioned above.

Even “Whoop A Man’s Ass” talks about being protective of what’s yours and those you love.  And last, but not least, there’s “Just Fishin'” that includes so many adorable references and one in particular about how your little girl is “already pretty, like her mama”.  Well, since that’s about Trinity, so “her mama” would be Rhonda of course.  And yes, Trace, Rhonda is a beauty so you told the truth there.

What the heck happened?

Sometime after or perhaps while you were making the movie “The Virginian” you started an affair with Victoria Pratt, your co-star.  It was inappropriately bragged about online, and I’m sorry to say that it was damn unprofessional of the both of you to do so.

I don’t know what makes you or your current girlfriend think it’s okay to cheat and boast about it so that your spouses can feel awful, but apparently you do.  You are both guilty there.  And since you’re also both middle-aged adults there’s no using the ignorance of youth as an excuse.  It was a crying shame and that’s all there is to it.

This time the gossip was spot on.

Stories about your so-called Twitter affair with Victoria Pratt include screenshots of your tweets about her giving you a bath and how Rhonda was giving you mean looks.  Worse than that they also included a story about how just a short time later you had Victoria Pratt and a friend of hers come as special guests to one of your shows.  Someone in the audience saw them and asked if they were groupies.  Victoria Pratt is quoted as answering “yes and yes”.  Really??  You were cool with that?

Why people are mean.

Read your fan feedback again.  Look at how many love you, the man they see on stage and in film, and felt that you represented something right in this world.  You surely sang about it. Saying “there’s more of us than them” was one of the many ways you supported the conservative faction, not to mention you were quite open about it in your book.  (which I did read)

Seeing you humiliate Rhonda online and then show up with the woman you were cheating with a few years after that, was a slap in the face to everyone who came to love you, your work, and as an extension of that, your lovely wife and children.  Again, I am wondering “how could he not have seen that?”

My take on this.

I bought your music, your movies and went to several of your shows, so my feedback here is as much as a consumer as it is about a wife and mom.  I’ve been married once, and that’s now 31  years, and since I’ve been homeschooling an autistic son for more than 20 of those years, I guess you could say I have made my family my career.  So, what you did to Rhonda is appalling to me, quite frankly.

In light of everything that has happened, I think you should stop making those videos about how you are upset over “mean” people.  Not when both you and your girlfriend, Victoria Pratt, have also been very, very mean yourselves.

Signed by me – a former fan.  


I took this myself at the 2015 Tortuga Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.  I saw Trace Adkins perform there.

27 Comments Add yours

  1. Tully says:

    I saw that video from Trace. Thought it sounded odd. Yes I know about the whole affair thing and how they flung it in front of his wife. Her husband too. Some people have absolutely no class. Also a former fan of his. Never was one of hers. Who the hell its she anyway LOL??


  2. Jill says:

    If it starts with lies that’s how it will end too. I am not a psychic but I think we can all make the prediction that both Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt will not be happy for long. I also have high regard for his wife and kids. He is a lucky man and he threw it all away.


  3. Tina says:

    Yea I read about this a few times. Saw that video too. He’s got issues with alcohol I know and if that’s the reason for his actions I don’t know. But what’s his girlfriend’s excuse? I would wish them well, but just can’t bring myself to say the words.


  4. Nina says:

    I’m a country music fan and I did hear about this whole affair thing when it started around 5 years ago. He’s nuts to have left Rhonda. I read about her and the daughters and he left one great family. I hope all the pain and suffering he and that awful Victoria Pratt (don’t liker her acting or her at all) have caused is worth it to him. I’m not listening to his music anymore here.


  5. Some people are going to say “well give them a break” but my problem is that we as a society have become so numb to what’s really wrong, that we don’t even notice anymore. That’s why I support the women in Hollywood who are coming out and speaking. From what I read about this Trace Adkins guy his ex wife should write one huge book about the abusive treatment she received for so long. He’s losing fans and money over all of this with that stupid woman. I pity them both.


  6. chella says:

    You went too easy on this guy. If I wrote this fool I’d slam him all over the place! My heart goes out to his ex and his kids!


  7. cheryl says:

    Another hard drinking, woman chasing cowboy does his woman wrong! No wonder they sing so many sad songs! They live like that! Sorry for Rhonda she sounds like a great girl. Pretty too so go figure?


  8. Kelly-J says:

    His girlfriend was married too when they were doing the dirty. They are both sleazy! Screwing your co-star how original LOL!


  9. Cat says:

    I followed this whole mess online. He had me fooled once as well, Nancy. I thought he was a good man with a drinking problem. Now I see that he’s just another weak asshole who can’t keep it in his pants. Alcoholism I can say is not a fault. Cheating and cheating and still cheating is! That new woman will get hers all right. Leopards don’t change their spots!


  10. Linda says:

    Here’s my take. Men like Trace Adkins give in to the whole image thing and when they make all that money they think they can do whatever they want. They can’t and we all know it but they do it anyway. His ex wife Rhonda deserves any awards Trace ever got. She’s the one who gave him his start. Yea, she worked for Arista Records and got him his first big contract. That started it all for him. Before that he was back to working in the oil industry. Right about now, I am assuming Rhonda must be regretting the day she introduced him to the big wigs at Arista. And what did he do in return? Take up with some flakey woman who is stupid enough and low enough to cheat on her husband with Trace Adkins, and make a public spectacle of it. Yea I know it’s a modern world. But slamming your wife in front of the whole internet will never be acceptable. Sorry, Trace. I’m afraid I’m an ex-fan too.


  11. Christina says:

    I have been steamed about this too. I have been a fan of his since he was in The Lincoln Lawyer. He’s got that quality about him you mention about being sincere. He looks trustworthy. It’s a kick in the butt to find out he is not. He’s an addict. They are liars. How do I know? Because I personally have been there. Prescription drugs that I didn’t and then couldn’t quit. I’m drug-free now but if he was hitting the liquor hard when he got into it with this Victoria Pratt person, then that’s not his right mind at all. I don’t know why he’s still with her. All I can think is that his ex Rhonda showed him the door. Good for her, too. I’ve seen her photos and she’s a very beautiful woman. She doesn’t need this crap. He’s better off with someone who also is very comfortable with rubbing people’s noses in their dirty lies. Sorry, Nancy if I sounded off. I know you did a good job of keeping it civil in this post but this one hits home for me. He’s behaving like he’s still drinking if you ask me. Again, I am an addict so I do know what I’m talking about. It never goes away. It’s always there. What he’s done is the worst thing for him because if he’s not guilty today he will be tomorrow or the next day. And then God help him. Guilt is an addict’s worst enemy.

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  12. erin says:

    My friends here know that I’ve had a long and difficult history with drug addiction. It started when I was 16 years old and now I’m 37. I have been clean for 6 years due in part to Nancy’s help. Brave little thing that she is! I hated reading this about Trace. He’s a talented man and it does look like he’s been taken in by a very shrewd woman. I will speak plainly and say Victoria Pratt. She’s a so-so actress with a so-so career. What is she? 50? Close to it? How many of you can honestly say you have ever heard of her? I have. She posed in some very risqué photos and more. She’s been linked to porn. She was married and reportedly a cheater from way back. I think she purposely targeted Trace. We addicts are easy pickings when it comes to sex and emotional attachments. We need approval and constant show of love. If that wasn’t available from Rhonda, no matter how lovely and sweet she is, Trace was a target for others. Enter Victoria Pratt in that movie HE financed The Virginian. She should’ve never been in it at all. There were/are dozens of better choices that would’ve done more for the bottom line. But, she was chosen. I believe she was sleeping with Trace before that film and in fact used that to get the role. Then he was made to believe she was in love. Really??? Bullshit!!! She was looking for $$$$ and the fame she could NEVER get on her own! I also read that her ex was a photographer with a bit of other credits directing. But he’s no one you would know. Trace Adkins IS. Between his addiction and Victoria Pratt’s using her sexuality to get him hooked (which is easy she doesn’t have to all that much) that is what led to the end of his marriage. Speaking from my own 20 years experience, I have seen this time and time again. In the casino business, the restaurant business, the retail business (big retail mind you), and even in the illegal drug sales business – sad to say. In every case an addict to either drugs, booze or both, was lured in by some bitch who had one thing in mind – to get money, fame and a life she could never create on her own. Sorry, Nancy. This one struck a nerve. I know of Trace’s history. Love his work. Hate what has happened to him. I KNOW where he is headed and it’s not pretty place. God help him is all I can say.

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    1. Erin, we have gotten to know each other here on WordPress and you have always been so candid about the difficulty of addiction. Your words here really sum it all up. The story of Trace Adkins is just one of many and I believe it is following a pattern that you recognize. My prayers go out for you and I hope you continue to win the battle!


  13. Angela says:

    Saw this post and all the comments and I had to join. I am still a fan of Trace Adkins and love his music. But my eyes were opened about his personal problems back when he was on Celebrity Apprentice Allstars I think it was. He was clearly drunk most of the time. Dennis Rodman took the heat over his addiction problems but Trace was slammed on that show and anyone who knows anything about drug/alcohol problems would see that right away I think. I have worked with addicts with regard to helping counsel their kids and bring the family back together so I do know an addict when I see one. Having never seen Trace perform in person, CA was the first time I ever saw him aside from videos. He was all over the place. On the floor at one point kicking and making jokes about another contestant’s boobs. It was horrible. But that’s him in reality. The real man. What he sings on stage is just his work and he does a good job nut that’s it. He does not mean the words. Never will. I also resent the way some celebs think they can sleep around and do whatever. They can’t and that’s why many of them come to tragic ends. I hope Trace finally gets it right. But I totally agree that this new woman is a huge mistake. She’s either a crutch for him, or another form of addiction, or, he’s so far into the situation that his pride is keeping him from admitting the truth Poor man. I would not want to be his ex or his woman or his anything. Money can’t buy character for the guy.


  14. Lucille says:

    Hate country music today. My parents loved Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn and that is what I prefer myself. Trace Adkins made a fortune from being the big guy who stood up for family and his country but his personal choices are disgusting. He takes up with some woman right in front of his wife? How wrong is that I ask?! Now he’s acting like the injured party because people are giving him hell about it? I say once again “no thanks” to the modern country singers. One by one they have all revealed who they are and it’s an ugly sight.


  15. Ginny says:

    He’s not a big deal anyway. Frankly he’s no Brad Paisley by no stretch of the imagination. He’s a hack. That’s about it. Is he a sleaze ball? Hell yes. He deserves any bad feedback he gets.


  16. Sandy says:

    I have no idea what the big deal is about this guy. He’s got a nice voice. So do all the men in my church choir, so that’s not so unusual. Trace Adkins is a mediocre talent other than his ability to sing. He can’t dance. Barely strums that guitar of his compared to literally every man in my family who plays very, very well, and he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. So what’s the big deal here? Trace isn’t all that good looking. He’s tall. OK. But once again so are all the men in my family. My daddy is 6’6″ too. So he should be a star too? The only thing Trace Adkins has done is to follow someone’s advice. If you ask me it was Rhonda Forlaw or someone else at Arista records. I have musicians in my family as you may have guessed and three of them have played in bands for the likes of Reba McIntyre and Charlie Pride. Both huge names in country music. Trust me when I tell you, Nancy, you are dead right about this Trace fellow. He’s made a big name for himself on other people’s coattails is all. Furthermore, all three of my family members have met Rhonda and the people at Arista. Trace has a bad name on a personal level. He is not the sweet country boy he pretends to be at all. It’s just a show. If you like his singing that’s fine. But don’t take it seriously.

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    1. Tully says:

      Thanks, Sandy. I kinda felt that Trace has a darker side he hides. Lots of performers do. His just all came out in the open. I too feel terrible for his ex wife and their children.


  17. Yolanda says:

    Reading through the comments I was wondering why we are all so concerned with a man who has made ton of money, talented or not, and who decided to mess up his life all on his own. Then it hit me. It’s because of how he made his money. In front of all of us. Hell he made his money FROM us. Without the people listening he’d be just another guy in a bar somewhere singing for tips. I think that Trace Adkins has some very serious problems and totally agree that this woman he’s with is a huge mistake. She saw him as a target and went after it. I bet if the truth were known she’s tried it many times in her life with other men and lost. With Trace it was the right time for him because he was weak. He’s known as a hothead and it was in the news a few years back about how he attacked a man on stage. So Trace has a history of violent and impulsive behavior. Victoria Pratt is not well known, and I doubt she’s brought in any serious money in the acting business. She’s not all that great looking so I’m sure she was simply saying and doing the things Trace wanted most. I also agree with the opinion that if this new relationship lasts it’s because he’s too proud to admit he was wrong. And yes, fans or former fans have a right to gripe when someone they admire goes off the deep end.


  18. Trace Adkins and Victoria Pratt starred together in The Virginian a few years back and like someone else said here I have no idea how she was chosen over other actresses who are better and bring a much larger fan base to the table. I was a runway model for years and know a large number of big names in fashion and movies too and there is only one way Victoria Pratt got that role. She slept with Trace. Or let him know she would that’s for s sure. I don’t feel at all sorry for him. He’s not the hero here. He’s just as much to blame. Another person here also said our world is becoming numb to this kind of behavior. That’s sad but it’s true. My best wishes go out to Rhonda Adkins and her children. To hell with Trace Adkins and his ridiculous thing with Victoria Pratt! The two of them look like fools!


  19. Nina says:

    You know how this all goes. It’s an old story told many times and by so many others. Trace Adkins is just another man who failed to remember he’s mortal. They get on stage, hear the crowd and think their freaking Zeus. Of course he isn’t. He was falling down drunk on stage in New Jersey in 2016 at a benefit for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. He jumped a man on stage because he didn’t like what the guy was saying. He cheated on Rhonda so many times that even the tabloids are making fun of him. And that Victoria Prat person, is just another fortune hunter who didn’t make it early in life so she had to latch on to some guy later on. I’ve seen her in shows and she’s awful. She was awful in The Virginian too. Let’s face it, if the woman could act she’d have made it bigger in the 20 or 30 years she’s been acting. And Trace? He had what every man wants and tossed it in the garbage. He’s an adult. What is he 60 or 65 now? He knows what’s what. And I also agree with those who said Trace is marginally talented, and no, I never thought he was all that great looking. Alan Jackson is so much better and more handsome and he had the sense to get back together with his beautiful wife after his brain stopped working temporarily. Trace? Are you out there? Wake up!!!


  20. jocelyn says:

    If he’s complaining about feedback that’s just too bad. That’s all part of the business he chose to be in. About the fake accounts I am surprised that something can’t be done to stop it. How do they continue to get away with it ? Scary. But the Trace Adkins story is one of self-destructions to me. He’s got talent, had a family anyone would love to have, and threw away his marriage, his reputation and didn’t do his kids any good either. Like others here I ask “why?”. Because of woman of questionable character herself? That is a weak man with no true moral value or true character. I would also love to wish the two of them happiness but the words just won’t come out.


  21. Linda says:

    I think Trace is the victim here. As Erin and others said addicts are easy pickings for fortune hunters. I don’t know anything at about Victoria Pratt so I thought I had no right to talk. But then, after reading all the comments, I thought again. She’s not a kid anymore. After all this time she has just a small amount of success. It stands to reason, and dammit, she does look like some kind of user. And her target was Trace Adkins. Poor chap. But he’s no angel, granted, and so he gave in pretty easily. I also read about Rhonda and the kids and damn near cried. He has a family other men dream about and he tossed it for some piece of trash that seduced him. It as her all right. She has the stones to do this. Bragging like that on Twitter. Not giving a hoot about her husband, Trace’s wife, or anyone else but her own self. I don’t need to know anything more about that woman. I believe God will have His justice here. Rhonda was/is a good woman by everyone’s account. Victoria Pratt will get the dirt thrown at her that she derserves. And if she whines about it too fucking bad. She’s got it coming. And Trace should simply wise up. I hope he does and soon.


  22. Nancy Welker says:

    Wow! What a response! Thank you all!

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    1. Jill says:

      I think it struck a chord within all of us here. We have seen it done to our sisters, friends, moms and even been through this b.s. ourselves. It’s about time women spoke up and stopped making excuses for this kind of behavior. Thank you as well for writing this post!


    2. chella says:

      You’re welcome! This one hit a lot of us personally, Nancy. We have seen men like Trace Adkins in real life and it’s a nightmare to be married to one like him. It was good to vent some of our opinions!


    3. cheryl says:

      They have a right to live their life as they see fit. Only they chose to do it in front of all of us so we kind of get involved. Thanks, Nancy, for letting us blow off some steam about t!


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