Florida High School Shooting – Go Hug Your Child Right Now!

That’s what I did. 

Hugged my child that is.  Even my dogs.  I just hugged everybody.  Because that’s what we should all do in the wake of such a senseless slaughter of innocent lives.

Why is this insanity happening? 

I have no idea.  There have been drug and alcohol issues with people for generations. There has been political and racial discord for generations.  There have been students that don’t give a damn about schoolwork for generations.  So, why now are we seeing such violent behavior?  Like even the most learned experts, all I can do is speculate.

Bad parenting?  

Again there have been bad parents since we all dwelled in caves.  Yet, there was a time, not long ago at all, when we could walk into a theatre, historical site, school, library or shop at our local mall without fear of a crazed gunman opening fire on us. Today we can’t actually say that.  And if any of us, me included, were to tell the absolute truth, there’s something a bit creepy about going into a movie theatre these days.  It’s not enough to keep me away, but, I have to admit the thought of what if it happened here? does flash across my mind.

Something in the water?  

Having an autistic son, I do believe that something has gone very, very wrong with what we are giving our kids during the early developmental years.  Be that a slight overdose in a vitamin product, how our food is grown and moreover, how it’s processed, or vaccinations that may not be as necessary as we are led to believe.  All of those or a combination of them could lead to problems that cause behavioral issues.

But, even if everything I mentioned above is correct, would that be enough to bring a person to grab a gun and fire off at a crowd of unarmed, unprotected and completely shocked people?  I say no, it is not enough.  My boy has severe communication problems and can break computers and chairs, but to be so vicious as to kill others is something that he could never even ponder, much less actually do.

So, how do we deal with this?  

I say the only way to deal with our time when school shootings are, very sadly, more likely to happen than ever, is to have a defense plan in place in every single school, and every public place for that matter – including libraries, stores, banks, government buildings, transportation depots and airports, theatre and other entertainment venues, and sporting events large and small.

We need a good, easy to remember, method of getting to cover, and for, evacuating as well.  Just like a fire drill, we need to start having “attack drills” in our schools – along with the other places I mentioned.  It needs to be a universal plan that we all come to know in the event of a life-threatening event.  As much as I hate to even write this – it would be far, far better to enact such drills than to see the continued rise of attacks on the unsuspecting public.

There will need to be structures created that can hold as many people as are in that place.  In the case of a school, that could be accomplished with roll-down shudders and locks that need a special security code to open.  Yes, I know that sounds like lockdown because well, it is lockdown.  But, once again it’s the lesser of two evils.  Would we rather see that or a campus full of dead bodies?  I think we will all choose the lockdown.

This will be expensive, of course, as every change usually is, and that cost will have to be passed on to us taxpayers.  But – so what?  I’ll gladly kick in a bit more to see as many safety measures in place as we need to keep our kids — and the general public as well — from being gunned down by madmen.

Now, moms go hug your kids.  Dads, you too.



My boy, coloring Easter eggs.  I thank God for him, and for both my beautiful children, and my baby granddaughter, every single day of my life.

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  1. I am still in a state of shock. I agree about the added security. It’s hard to believe we need that in a school but it’s far better than seeing people die. God bless you and that young man of yours!


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